Luxe products are made with the finest of ingredients. Most products on the shelves of department stores and online merchants are filled with oils that are so refined that their nutrients have been stripped. We choose cold pressed oils so as to retain all the nutrients. When applied to your skin, you can think of it as a vitamin, filled with bountiful nutrients that every body needs. All our carrier oils and ingredients are organic with exception of Pure Cane Sugar and Dead Sea Salt. We use Vitamin E (T-50) as a natural preservative, refusing to use loads of chemicals and harsh preservatives. Our products are best used within one years time and we believe, like most healthy foods, anything that can last longer than a year should not be trusted. We refuse to use chemicals, dyes, perfumes, and fragrances that are known to be toxic or carcinogenic. We promise to choose only the most nutrient dense oils and ingredients for our products, delivering you an effective, powerful skincare line that can be trusted. We have banned over a thousand ingredients to never be used in Luxe products, believing that only real, actually natural, pure ingredients are what your body needs.

We never keep secrets and promise to be truth tellers in the skincare industry.