Luxe Facial {Dry Skin}


The Luxe facial for dry skin is perfect skincare regime for those with sensitive, dry or mature skin. Deep Cleansing Oil Face Wash is our most popular wash as it offers the deepest cleansing agents while hydrating your skin. Organic Toner for Mature skin is the perfect blend of flora water and apple cider vinegar, hydrating your skin while also removing the dead skin cells in order to reveal a fresher and healthier complexion. Follow up with the Revitalizing Clay Mask that rejuvenates, revealing soft, supple skin. Lastly, {Gold for your face}, as we like to call it, will seal the deal with its essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, leaving your skin youthful and hydrated. This set can be used on a daily basis for a perfect skincare regime. We recommend using the Revitalizing Clay Mask up to 1-4 times in a week or on an as needed basis.